Monday, 1 May 2017

March and April Updates

The positive:

  • March was pretty slow, the only big thing happening was my son's birthday. April on the other hand was packed with fun stuff.
  • The week before our Easter holiday I was getting ready to drive 8+ hours alone to get to both my family and my in-laws, and was invited to a job interview at a temp agency. The interview went well and my info was sent to the ones who were hiring, I got a second interview that same week, and a job at the end of that interview. I was to start a new job as soon as I returned from the holiday.
  • The Easter holiday was also nice, I got to meet the whole family, got to spend a bunch of money on craft supplies, and as I had a car I got to take a bunch of things with me, like a rowing machine, which I really like, and would like even better if I can figure out what the error code on the screen means, not that I can't use the machine without it being turned on.
  • Almost as soon as I returned home I started my new job, which was sort of similar to my last job, just more challenging, which I think is great. I currently have only 3 months, but there is a chance for an extension, and a tiny chance for a permanent job.

The negative:

  • I started a new job. Ok, this isn't really that negative. The negative part is the commute. It takes me about 20 minutes from my home to the train station, then 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the city, but on the positive the job is located so close it takes me 4 minutes to get there, which is a HUGE improvement from the last place that took me around 30 min to get to once i reached the city. So in a day I spend about 4 hours travelling, which I could spend sleeping, if I didn't have any interests.
  • March was a horrible month for my crafting, I did do some things but not nearly as much as I hoped to. April was even worse considering I was home one week, on holiday one week and working two weeks. The trick now is figuring out how to combine crafting and work (considering the long commute).
  • The weather, oh the weather, snow in November, no snow in December, snow in January, can't remember February or March, but April started off with no snow, I even saw flowers blooming, but the last two weeks of April was cold and snowy.
  • And as the cherry on top, I've neglected my shops, and this blog. I know I always say it, but I will try harder.


  • I need to figure out how to juggle crafting, work, commute, family and other hobbies. So far I have managed to juggle three of them, now I need to add the remaining.
  • The weather is messed up, but so far May's looking good.