Thursday, 5 July 2018

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who buys something cool and have a great idea for how to use it, only to realise I’m afraid to try it because then I won’t have that cool thing any longer. I bought a set of 5 plastic domes about 6 years ago, and never used them because I feared ruining them if my plan didn’t work.

Knowing I can’t continue hoarding awesome craft supplies I decided to use at least one of them. Surprisingly enough I still remembered the original idea I had, a sleeping fairy, and so I decided to go for it.

Now that I finally have a job I can finally craft without feeling bad about wasting the time I should use to apply to jobs I didn’t mind spending lots of time on this.

The Fairy

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

The sleeping fairy was hard to make. I’m used to creating tiny things but often avoid humans because I can’t pretend a strangely shaped arm is supposed to be like that. I didn’t give up of course and eventually created a fairy I was proud of. The mushrooms weren’t hard to make, the only complications I had was deciding how many to make and how to place them so they wouldn’t hide the fairy. When it was complete I decorated the fairy and mushrooms with glitter and tiny glass beads.

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

The Mermaid

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

Once the fairy was done I felt excited and wanted to create another tiny creature, so I decided to try a mermaid. The difference between the fairy and mermaid was that the fairy was put together by parts on the “moss”, while the mermaid was created free form. After several tries I was successful and created a mermaid that both didn’t break and wasn’t too large for the dome. I had an idea of how to pose the fairy, but successfully creating the seaweed to move around her was harder than expected because they kept breaking or falling. The mermaid was also decorated with glitter and tiny glass beads like the fairy to make it more magical.

Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

I enjoyed making both these pendants, it had difficult parts and easy parts, but the best is that they both turned out great. The only thing I didn’t like in the end was their faces, especially the mermaid, hopefully I will get better at them as I would love to try out more tiny creatures.


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