Saturday, 7 July 2018

Star Taker in a Bottle

Star Taker in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

This project was inspired by a craftalong I’m doing on I’m supposed to create: something round (or spherical), something that incorporates the metal brass, something you associate with Greece or your interpretation of "star taker".

There is this short Brother’s Grimm story called Star Taler. This story is about a girl who is all alone in the world. She gives away the little food she has and all of her clothes, leaving her completely naked. Because of the kindness she showed to others the stars fall to earth, turning into talers, or coins, and she is suddenly wearing new clothes.

It’s a short story, even shorter than The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen, but with a happier ending.

Star Taker in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

When I saw the task I instantly had the image of a girl holding a star in my mind, in which medium it would be created wasn’t determined, but I wanted to try it out anyway. It wasn’t until after I’ve created the Mermaid and Fairy in a Bottle that I wanted to create a tiny girl in the tiniest dome I had.

The best medium would have been clay, but I really wanted to try needle felting, even though I doubted it would work out well considering the size and that I’ve worked with needle felting only once before. Eventually I ended up using more glue than I would have liked, but I did give it my best before turning to that solution.

Star Taker in a Bottle by TheArtsyRaven

I like the end result, it’s cute, but I doubt I’ll ever try another tiny needle felt project like this again.


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