Saturday, 7 July 2018

Watermelon Picnic Table

Watermelon Picnic Table by TheArtsyRaven

When I bought my first home my in-laws offered to buy us a grill. Knowing I would most likely not use it that much I suggested a picnic table instead. While it might not have been used as much as I like it has still been used more than a grill would.

Fast forward four years and I’m really sick of looking at the boring and slightly dirty table. I knew I had to do something to brighten it up, a pretty colour maybe, or several colours, just anything that would transform the boring and green-ish picnic table into something I want to use.

So where do I go? Pinterest of course.

I came across many fun ideas, animals and insects, flowers, rainbow, and watermelon. While I loved the watermelon tables I liked the rainbow design slightly more, but I let my son choose so of course we ended up with the watermelon, not that I mind.

Watermelon Picnic Table by TheArtsyRaven

After washing the table I tried to unscrew the bolts so I could paint between the cracks, but they had rusted and wouldn’t obey. The problem would be that I couldn’t paint between the cracks, but it also means I can’t tighten the bolts where they loosened, so we’ll see how long the table lasts.

The difference between my table and the two styles I saw before was that I chose to do something different with the seeds, this might have taken more time than theirs but I really like my design. I chose to do hearts around the edge instead of seeds scattered around. For a while I feared I would regret it and have to repaint the whole top, but in the end I really liked it.

Watermelon Picnic Table by TheArtsyRaven

While I did most of the work my son helped out with the larger areas, but more than often he came to tell me what a great job I was doing and that it looked really pretty.

In the end the result looks pretty good I think. It’s bright and fun and just lovely. Both my mother-in-law and my mother said it looked great, just wasn’t something they would do themselves, which is ok because their style isn’t mine either.

I would like to end this by saying that the picnic table has never been used as much as it has after I painted it, might be because last year the summer was crappy and this year it’s hot, but I would like to think the paint work also has something to do with it.


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