Friday, 10 August 2018

My “What to Craft” Decision Wheel

The "What to Craft" Wheel by TheArtsyRaven

I’m sitting by my desk, I’ve got some time before bed and I want to craft. I turn my head to the right, to the left, focusing on every location I know I have work in progress crafts. My heart wants to finish them all at once, but my head knows I can only do one at a time, so I wonder which to pick. I overthink, and then it’s suddenly bedtime and I haven’t even decided what to do.

Most nights it’s not as dramatic, but sadly this has happened more than I’d like to admit, which is why I decided I need to come up with a way to help me pick something to work on.

As always I’m drawn to lists, but the issue with a list is that it would most likely be on paper, and that can be misplaced. I also started thinking that a list might not be that helpful because my problem is with deciding, not remembering what I want to do or finish.

Yesterday I thought about a way to randomly pick a WIP project to work on. There are many sites on the internet that offers different ways to pick one thing, and I was mostly drawn to a spin prize wheel. While I’m all for going digital I’m not really interested in opening the random generator page I’ve decided to use every single time I can’t decide. Inspiration hit just then and I decided to make my own spin prize wheel.