Thursday, 7 April 2016

Welcome, and an introduction to my crafty interests

Welcome to my first post.

I finally have a blog, something I’ve wanted a few years now (let’s ignore the fact that I used to have one before, which I almost forgot about).

The idea of keeping a blog for my creative adventures sounds like a good plan, and maybe it will help me create more. I’ve discussed this with my husband and he as well thinks this is a good idea.

As my first post I’m going to discuss some of my crafty interests.

Art - Even when I didn’t have time to be creative while I worked I always found some time to doodle. I love the traditional mediums the most, as digital art is harder for me without my drawing tablet. Pencils are what I love the most, but I also paint, sometimes with acrylics or watercolour.

Papercrafts - Oh, this medium is so much fun. I love Quilling, Origami, Papercutting, Paper sculpting, Paper mache… The things both I and others can create with paper are endless, and I’m sure as my life progresses I’ll continue to explore this versatile medium.

Paper mache - I mentioned it above, but this is such a fun medium I want to discuss it further. Paper mache is considered to be one of the easier mediums, and more childish. Yes, more children use this medium at school than adults, but it’s a wonderful medium which has so many possibilities, and amazing artists.

Clay - This is another versatile medium which I adore. What I’ve used used it for the most are beads, miniature geeky things, and one of my latest projects, dolls. I’m using both polymer clay and air dry clays, as I find them both interesting. Soon I will also try cernit, but it will have to wait until I’ve bought the clay.

Clay dolls and mixed media dolls - Again, the amount of artists creating dolls and mixed media dolls is large, and their skills are amazing. Even though I’m just a drop in the ocean of amazing creators I still wish to continue learning and evolve. Even though it’s a new hobby I have been designing dolls and dresses for a long time.

Beads - I’ve got so many beads, some cheap which I’m letting my son play with, some more expensive which I want to use myself. I like jewelry, but sadly my interest in creating them isn’t that strong any longer.

Embroidery - I love embroidery, it’s such a fun medium, and it is so diverse if you’re willing to explore the possibilities. I have yet to explore certain aspects of embroidery, like stumpwork, or embroidery involving beads, and lots of other things.

Miniature - Oh the beauty of miniatures, I love them so much and I want to try out every tutorial I see. I adore the miniature food as well as houses, there are so many amazing artists which I am a huge fan of, and I can only dream of being half as talented. This is one of my newer interests and I’m sure I’ll explore more of it.

There are many other crafts I’ve either tried or plan to try out but I don’t think I need to go into the smaller ones yet, there is time for that later.

So if anybody reads through this let me know what your favourite medium is.


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