Friday, 2 September 2016

Wheatley Bubblehead from the Game Portal 2

Wheatley Bubblehead from Portal 2 by TheArtsyRaven

I love to come up with silly crafty ideas, like this bubblehead air freshener inspired by a character from the game Portal 2. If you don’t know what Portal 2 is the short answer is first person puzzle-platform games with a wonderful sci-fi story. I had a lot of fun with those two games, and I recently showed them to my son who is slowly making his way through the challenging levels.

This is another old project I made a few years ago, August 2011 according to the date of the first pictures I found of it. For this project I used a fugu air freshener as the base as the idea came to me when I first saw the little creature (I don't have a picture of the original air freshener but if you search "fugu air freshener" you will see what I used). First I removed the fins and eyes, two of the fins were easy, but the one on top of the head had to be cut and sanded down as it was a part of the body. Then I covered it with an air drying clay as I didn’t know how the air freshener would react to heat if I chose to use polymer clay.

Wheatley Bubblehead from Portal 2 by TheArtsyRaven
As air drying clay is known to shrink I knew I needed to figure out a way to avoid it from cracking all over, so I used the design of the character to my advantage, carving out the lines so that when it shrinks and cracks it won’t affect the whole design. It still cracked, but it was easy to fix.

One of the hardest things to do was making sure the metal rods did not fall out, I can’t remember what I did, but as I tested them before taking the pictures I noticed they were really stuck.

I also chose to keep the holes for the air freshener, both because it smells really nice (vanilla) and in case we chose to use it as it was intended to, a car air freshener.
Wheatley Bubblehead from Portal 2 by TheArtsyRaven

I’ve recently, a few weeks ago to be more specific, repainted it slightly. It still looks the same, only better. I’m really happy about how he looks now, happy that I have something I made years ago which I still like to this day

Wheatley Bubblehead from Portal 2 by TheArtsyRaven


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