Thursday, 15 December 2016

30 by 30 Mini Bucket List

I'm soon 29 years old, and I enjoy being the age I am. One of the life goals I have is to learn, to explore and to grow.

30 by 30 is a kind of a to do list, a tiny bucket list if you may call it that. Most people have travelling the world or doing exciting things as their goals, and while I wouldn't mind trying some of those things I am a more stay at home person.

Most of my goals are pretty simple, but the thing is that I don't want a complicated list that is hard to finish, I want a creative one.

5/30 complete
  1. Keep my blog updated (minimum one post a month)
  2. Host a giveaway
  3. All stores are up and running
  4. Write a book (or five short stories)
  5. Illustrate a children's book
  6. Make a colouring book
  7. Make soap
  8. Make paper
  9. Make candles
  10. Stone work
  11. Wood work
  12. Make candy
  13. Make cheese
  14. Make sausage
  15. Make flavour cooking oil
  16. Make food extract/essence
  17. Make a cold smoker and/or hot smoker and smoke something
  18. Learn to fillet fish properly
  19. Give blood (1 time given)
  20. Lose weight, reach 70kg
  21. Cover up previous tattoo
  22. Have 300 read books on goodreads
  23. Upgrade either car, kitchen or bathroom (or save up at least 50% for one of them)
  24. New hobby room
  25. Redo stairs
  26. Host Christmas activities for kids
  27. Proof long story for a friend
  28. Finish huge WoW sculpture
  29. Make a miniature fairy house
  30. Learn a new language


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