Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Christmas Riddle Hunt Party for Chidren

The week before Christmas I was running around with 7 kids, looking for riddles I hid outside for them to find. Once they reached the end they would find a treasure, or more like Santa's bag filled with candy, which they would enjoy while watching a Christmas movie.

All the children are friends of my son, I know them pretty well and easily handle their energetic personalities by myself.

Once all kids arrived I gave them the first riddle, which lead to the second, and so on. The riddles were hidden in different places around the school and kindergarten which are close by, both places all the kids attended and know well so I wasn't afraid of letting them run around in the dark.

What surprised me was how the kids argued about who should read the next riddle, which is funny because I know several doesn't like to read more than they have to.

They were really excited as they solved the riddles before running to find the next, this was a good thing because most of them ended up exhausted by the time the hunt was over and it was time to sit still and watch the movie.

Because most are seven years old I kept the riddles pretty simple, as I don't want to spend forever keeping them from running into the wrong direction.

We began outside my house.
1: I eat letters and packages. Four of you have two of me on the same stand.(Hidden next to the post boxes that belongs to four of the children, two pairs of siblings)
2: I'm large and grey and good to climb on. You can pretend I'm a mountain, the moon or a meteor. (Hidden under a huge rock by the school)
3: Most of you have gone here before, but you grew up. We had to say goodbye when you went to learn. (Hidden in the entrance of their old kindergarten)
4: When you went here you played on me. (Hidden in one of the climbing frames on the property of the kindergarten)
5: You walk through me every morning, but not during the weekends. (Hidden by the entrance of their school)
6: A naughty elf has stolen candy canes, find all seven and you will get the next riddle. (They received the note from me once they found all the candy canes that were hidden on on the playground of the school)
7:I am dark and big, and have many secrets. Step off the path and see what you find. (The treasure was found up in a tree in a small forest between the school and my home, it's hardly a forest, just a bunch of trees surrounded by roads or houses)

Overall it was a successful day, they had fun and in the end with riddles, running, sweets, popcorn, and a movie. I've often dreamt about hosting something like this and hope I will have a chance to host it every year until my son grows tired of me.


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