Sunday, 2 April 2017

New Hobbyroom - Building the New Room

I finished!

That's what I would have said two months ago. Sadly I'm a horrible blogger, not that I expect anyone to read this blog. If for some magical reason someone are here, reading this, leave a comment telling me I've done a poor job at keeping this blog updated, maybe that will be the kick I need.

So, back to the room, but before I tell you about the new furniture let's take a quick look at the before pictures.

I didn't loathe the room, which could be because I tried to ignore it. The room looks full, and it was, I was frustrated to look at all the things that was everywhere. boxes, jars, baskets etc, and they are all different, which doesn't make them look any better. Also, if you pay attention to the image below you can see I didn't bother removing the shelves on that wall to paint it a lighter shade of turquoise.

Moving the things out of the room was hard because there are so many things, but what can you expect from someone who has spent the last 10+ years buying craft material.

Once the room was empty I moved the furniture. Some of them are in the basement, some moved into my son's room, and some were thrown (I only threw the furniture that were bad). I discovered that almost every time I tried to remove a shalf the paint was pulled off, sometimes two or even three layers of the paint. When the room was empty I filled the holes and painted the walls. I wanted to finish as much as possible before IKEA would arrive with my new furniture.

Below my dark turquoise there was a layer of red, and then yellow.

While I fixed the walls and prepared the room I called an electrician to fix the horrible electrical work that has been done in this house, from before I moved in (he agreed with me that it didn't look like a professional has done the previous work).

Eventually the furniture came, at 8:30 PM, by the time they brought in the last box it was late, but tiem wouldn't stop me from starting. The boxes were delivered on the first floor, as there isn't enough room on the second to both store the delivery and build the furniture, so I unboxed the larger pieces and carry each part up the stairs, that way I was able to do the whole work by myself. Yes, I could ask for help, but I like to do most things myself.

Building the furniture was easy, I call it adult LEGO. I finished putting most of the furniture together in little more than two days, but because I was waiting for the electrician I couldn't finish the room even though most furnitures were ready.

The electrical company I used don't have appointments, which makes it kind of hard planning when the room would be complete. Luckily we called in to check on their schedule and was told someone could come by the next day. He come, and he fixed both the hobby room and the bedroom next to it, so now I won't fear bad electrical work as much as I did before.

When he was done I could attach the furniture to the walls and finally finish the room, still doing most of the work by myself.

Adding the doors and drawers felt great. After building furniture for days, waiting even longer for the electrician, the room would be complete and I could finally craft again.

Added some final touches like the buckets on the wall for my sharpies and drawing pencils, the colourful DIY door knobs (which I'll add a tiny tutorial for soon) and a wonderful and colourful carpet. There are more details which I'll show off later.

It's now two months since I completed the room, and I'm still in love with it. I've crafted multiple things and don't feel like I'm suffocating between shelves off boxes. The only problem I still have is organising the inside of the furniture. Some are well organised, but some I simply stuffed with the similar items as I couldn't wait to finish.

One day I'll make a post about the inside of the room, probably when they are all organised. And yes, that is my yoga ball.


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